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Online Coding for Kids


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Online coding classes for kids & teens
Age group: 8-16 years old
•    Code at home in virtual classroom led by experience coach
•    Small group guaranteed
•    High student engagement
•    Fun lesson plans
•    Take home your project

Weekday after-school and weekend classes available.

Courses for online classes include:
For enquiries and schedules, please email to info@codejuniors.com or contact 012-3377055
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Why learn to code?

•   Coding is creativity unleashed!
•   Coding improves problem-solving skills
•   Coding helps kids develop resilience
•   Coding teaches children how to think – builds logical thinking and computational thinking, which is a powerful tool in school, work and life
•   Coding helps children learn how to have fun with math
•   Coding is fun and satisfying, to be able to see their code ‘come to live’
•   Computer programming is the future. Understand code to understand the world around them.
•   Coding skills provide a competitive advantage when applying to colleges or internships
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