2018, age 5 -8, age 9-15, scratch, ssgc

SSGC Abraham Scratch Project (November 2018)

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CodeJuniors collaborated with SSGC to teach children from 7-15 years old to code a Scratch Project. CodeJuniors provided training to SSGC volunteers to assist in the class. The theme was Abraham and Isaac. There were 2 projects; Age 7-8 created an Abraham Story while Age 9-15 made an Abraham Game. The Winner for age 9-15 year old category, won a free ticket to our December Scratch Programming holiday camp. Some of the kids were under privileged and have never before touched a laptop! Much thanks to SSGC for the opportunity to teach your lovely kids!
Abraham Scatch Projects
Abraham Story
Age 5-8 Years Old
Abraham Game
Ethan Chow
Winner for age 9-15yo category